With more than 20 years of experience designing and manufacturing customized solutions for assembly lines, we decided to improve what the market has of best in ergonomic solutions, reinventing.

Since 2011 we produce ergonomic arms for a large variety of applications - Reaction arms, Manipulation arms and the newest ERGO-GRAVITY(zero gravity arm), a balanced arm that will change the way workers maneuver tools and payloads.

Now we want to expand our coverage worldwide, reach all customers that need help to solve their ergonomic problems in assembly lines.

We have a solution that fits your problems, if we do not have it yet, we will custom design to you.



 “Supply the best and simplest ergonomic solutions for payloads and tools handling worldwide.”


 “Design, Create, Develop and Produce the highest quality products, with simple and easy engineered technology to reduce injuries in workplace.”

 Values and Goals

 Quality                    - We only delivery the highest quality products.

Technology             - We develop easy and simple products with the most advanced technology

Innovation               - We are committed to create the best customized solutions and products, exploring our creativity                                       and curiosity.

Team work               - Our team is strongly motivated to work together, loyal to one to another, and care for each other.

Customer Service    - We are dedicated to satisfying our customer´s needs, supplying high quality products, delivering                                        on time, honoring the commitment

Sustainability           - Manufacture products that are sustainable to the environment and also, sustainable as a product                                      to our customers. Our products will promote cost savings to our customers, eliminating workplace                                      injuries to their operators.