ERGO-GRAVITY is an exclusive mechanic arm with advanced Zero Gravity Arm technology , which allows operators to manipulate heavy tools, parts and other loads, as it is weightless, with total freedom of motion.


By using the new ERGO-GRAVITY you can boost your productivity avoiding the common manufacturing problems caused by exertion and fatigue, just because of its Zero Gravity Arm technology. 
The most recent studies have shown that the costs with workplace indirect injuries are 5 times higher than the direct injuries.
These costs are a waste and using the ERGO-GRAVITY solution every business would eliminate them.
Our new Zero Gravity Arm technology eliminate injuries when using tools or maneuvering parts.
ERGO-GRAVITY can also:
  • Eliminate workers brakes and rotations.
  • Use one worker for task.
  • Higher quality products/Less scrap.
  • Workers can use more powerful tools.
  • Reduce costs with energy consumption.

Increase Productivity and Quality........Decrease Fatigue and Injuries

“Musculoskeletal Disorders are the single largest category of workplace injuries and are responsible for almost 30% of all worker’s compensation costs.”
Bureau of Labor Statistics

The new ERGO-GRAVITY (Zero Gravity Arm) can be applied in all industries and adapted to an unlimited types of tools.


Aerospace & Defense
Metal Fabrication
Heavy Equipments
Medical Appliances
Other Industries


Fixture Drills
Riveters/Pression Riveters
Nutrunners - DC and Pneumatic
Manual Grinders
Angle and Straight Grinders
Impact and Pulse Wrenches
Hog ring tools

Our Zero Gravity technology is Designed for the lowest maintenance